Discover the Real Beyond Diet Truth. Learn How Investigative Journalist Stumbled On It & How She Helped Her Friend To Lose Her Unwanted Weight she struggled to loose with Years. Full Story & Review Disclosed….

If you were looking for comprehensive beyond diet review, I think you came in the right place. Find out why she made this review and what you WON’T get with beyond diet, but first, allow the reviewer to introduce a bit OK?

Cadrian Solaris


 MEET THE REVIEWER! Hello and warm regards to you dear. My name is Cadrian Solaris, a professional Macedonian Journalist who covers health and lifestyle news for more than 7 years. Deeply in love with my husband Nikola and my beloved three kids, Sami, Anelia and Marko. I like: reading, writing, vacations (my favorite, especially winter holidays). Let’s cut the chit-chat and continue to your uncensored beyond diet program review and discover why I made it … 

Please note: This is a review thought, if you where looking the Official Beyond Diet website than continue by clicking here. – Instead I insist to read my review first, But be warned, I’m going to reveal both the GOOD and the BAD points in my review. If in case that’s something you do not want to hear, you may as well Leave Now then..!

So, Why I Made This Review? Well my idea popped when i was researching about beyond diet (you will see how and why shortly, well explained bellow) and through my research I noticed that there weren’t many real reviews around, so i thought: “I’d write one quickly, perhaps other have similar struggle like her, so I’ll help and share my knowledge with other people too”.

THE IDEA and inspiration to write this review, to help you and other people who knew or heard about beyond diet, running around to learn more information. All the work done and advice I give here is thanks to my friend.

~For people that need help

A friend of mine wanted to get rid of her unwanted body fat which tormented her with years.  She didn’t plan to lose any weight before things started to go downhill in the last two years. One sunny day on a cup of coffee she sheared her story, “pain” with me about her weight loss journey and fails. Complaining how overwhelmed she was by her emotions around certain people, her husband, friends, teasing her, treating her with lots of disrespect (It’s so damn annoyingly uncomfortable, I know …) and making her life so UN-enjoyable … 

I mostly felt sorry because of her husband.

The passion in their marriage seemed to be at an all time low, her husband just didn’t appreciate her anymore … you know … LOVE sometimes can fade slowly. Instead of slim beauty (sadly but true).  I remember, the last time when we were invited by a close friend of ours to attend at her brother wedding. That day I think was one of her WORST NIGHTMARES! She couldn’t find any outfit to wear, to look more elegant and attractive (even when married we STILL wanna look hot, sexy, attractive and impress others – Don’t We? ;)). She was so nervous, stressed, driving her crazy which at the end of the day lead her to come with an excuse not to come at our close friend brother’s wedding. She almost never wear jeans (she just imagined to wear and to have a sexy looking slim body like most of the woman’s does).

The thing she realized was that she must do something about her weight no matter what.

Anyway, she told me that after trying different diet programs, like: weight loss pills, hard & exhausting exercises, BS weight drop miracles as other weight loss plans –  ended up being scammed and the only thing she LOST, was her precious TIME and MONEY! (Does this sounds familiar to you?)

She knew that I worked on health reportage, that i liked to “dig deep” the internet for my journalism story’s and love to share useful information for people just like YOU, who are sick and tired reading something on a particular topic which is same or identical, overwhelming with ads and “testimonial’s”, where all SCREAMING LOUD

Really works, It Helped Me, Makes Wonders, I feel Younger, Helped me to lose xxx Pounds within a week or a month (whatever) … It blah, blah, blah

Yeah … yeah crap, without even SCRATCHING the bare surface of a service/product, what truly has inside nor does really is legit or safe

My Task to Help Her: How I Stumbled and Why CHOSE Beyond Diet Program for My Friend and Review it to the World?

In a meantime, with only tiny success, disappointed, she shared her story with me and asked for a favor if i could find something useful, healthy diet plan to suggest for her to follow. I accepted (What are friends for? It was the least I could do) and made a deep research later. 

Through my research I found many “promising” diet programs, again, and picked up only few to analyze and compare them. One of them was beyond diet. While studying and comparing the different diet programs I noticed that there is something more UNIQUE in the beyond diet and decided to investigate BD deeper. So let’s start, shall we? Good.

First, Who is “Behind The Scenes” of Beyond Diet, Diet? Author of beyond diet, you may probably heard or not, Is Isabel De Los Rios. Isabel’s story to get into this and create this diet is because of her overweight family, especially her overweight and diagnosed Type 2 diabetic grandmother who needed shots 3 times a day in order to function. Actually it was a family transmitted illness that later her mother got it. Isabel started her nutrition journey early as a teenager. She began to seek answers not just for diabetes but why she is overweight too, as why her mother and grandmother had Type 2 Diabetes. Isabel almost spent her lifetime to learn the answers for her questions.

Love, here is a screenshot i took early from Isabel’s website:

More About Isabel:

Isabel Before and After

Isabel De Los Rios before and after using Beyond Diet.

  • Co-founder of Beyond Diet and The Diet Solution Program, an easy eating plan that you’ll actually want to follow. (Unfortunately, The Diet Solution Program also was a great HIT, but I couldn’t find some clues, why Isabel RETIRED it. All i know is all the VALUABLE information from DSP is moved in the beyond diet. I guess It’s too much to handle 2 diet business programs at a same time)
  • A Certified Nutritionist: Who will share all the knowledge she knows with you and thousands of delicious recipes to help you get rid of your unwanted weight.
  • Known Exercise Specialist: Who has already helped OVER 500 000 people all over the world to lose incredible amounts of weight, regain their health, and permanently change their lives. Isabel graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in exercise physiology (a pre-med curriculum) and owner of New Body – Center for fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey.

She counsels many special populations, including: diabetics, heart disease patients, cancer survivors, and overweight individuals, as well as healthy individuals who wish to maintain health and prevent disease.

Learn The Science Behind It All: What is Beyond Diet all About & What Makes Beyond Diet Program Different From All The Hundreds Of Dieting Programs On The Internet?

If you are looking for a new diet to lose weight, beyond Diet Program isn’t for you. But, if you’re looking for a new, comprehensive diet plan, you need to stop looking! Isabel’s diet is an online weight loss plan designed to help you achieve your ideal body weight maintain health and prevent disease. Beyond diet core system is about establishing an overall improvement in the food people consume by eating the right way. Eating the right healthy foods based on your metabolic type in order to lose weight and keep it off for ever!

Beyond Diet Book and How To Start Your Diet

The only book you’ll need for achieving healthy eating habits!

The beyond diet is not just a simple diet. It’s a METABOLIC diet plan, a way of LIFE, which aims teaching, you learning what kind of bad and unhealthy foods you should stay away from that keeps your metabolism to store fat instead of burning it. The right healthy foods you need to eat, what your body needs to stay healthy, satiated and at the same time lose weight. The program foundation is based on avoiding sugars, processed foods and anything that isn’t natural for your body to process. This doesn’t mean you can only eat organic. It means and makes sure that you eat food that is as good as you can possibly find or afford and you will begin to feel better quickly and lose weight safely. In an excellent section all about calories, she suggests that it’s not about counting calories, but using calories as a basic suggestion to choose portion amounts –  Btw, she does not like the idea of calorie counting at all. Isabel points out the common misconceptions about calories and weight loss in the presentation.

The Unique Beyond Diet Concept: Community Breeds Success

Sometimes, we find difficult to reach success or achieve our desired goals, ALONE! Often we need someone who will understand us, counsel us, stand and SUPPORT us on our actions and decision. We need that THING, we need to know that we are not alone and if things start go downside again, knowing that there is single or few persons whom we can trust and kinda help us when we seem stuck is kinda awesome feeling. (Hey, I hope you get it what I wanted to say, if not you will get it very shortly. Heck it’s 2:35am as I’m writing this and I feel like my brain is shutting down… :D )

The difference in Beyond Diet from other weight loss programs out there is that it’s more than just a diet, it’s a community of over half million members (which no other weight loss program have). A place of obese people who has or had the same problems as you, supporting each other on their weight loss journey to success. Place where you feel free to ask any question concerning beyond diet or dieting and get answers from experienced, successful dieters and Isabel personal coaches within minutes.

Click here to Watch Isabel’s Free Presentation Which 5 Foods You Shouldn’t EAT to Feel More Healthy and Energized by the End of This Week…

The Start-Up Success Program: Few Most Important Simple Steps TO-DO Before You RUSH on Dieting and Fail, Again!

  • Most overweight people, around 87% FAIL when going on a diet or joining an online weight loss program, ending quitting, losing self-esteem without even trying, but it’s not totally their fault, IT’S THE DIETING PROGRAMS. <== Read that again. 

Most of them will provide you with long instructions, books, videos, quick starter plans without first clearing some thoughts for you to get the right MINDSET in order to SUCCEED! Unlike, beyond diet program …

Beyond diet boils on few most important factors that you should follow to reach your goal. In the BD guide there is something like KEY-Things you should follow to get you in your way, which are: 1st: To detox your mind! The very first thing you should make is to relax for a moment, take a good deep breath and get rid of all other information you heard for losing weight. Stop thinking about all other health information that is thrown at you by the media. Stop falling prey to negative influences. Clear all negative thinking from your mind. Isabela wants you to maintain a positive mental outlook for success.

Next: It’s the metabolism type test (the fun part)

If you’re wondering, how do you know what is your specific metabolism type? Well here is your answer. Your metabolism type is your own personal requirement for a certain ratio of proteins and carbohydrates. Determining how much of a certain carbs and fat type you need is the key to your goal in terms of losing weight and achieving overall mind and body health. Isabel provides you with easy to follow questionnaire that you will take online to determine which is your specific metabolic type. After you finish that quick questionnaire you’ll be guided to create your personal meal plans containing the right ratio of proteins, carbs and healthy fats you need to eat in order to lose weight.

As you continue reading, you’ll see what other things you will get with beyond diet.

  • The quick start guide
BD Quick Start Guide

BD Quick Start Guide

Isabel De Los Rios wants you to start ASAP so you can absorb the whole thing from the beginning to end in less than 15 minutes and get started on your new weight loss plan right away. She says that many people (which reported of course), use this guide to actually lose 10-15 pounds a month of fat without using anything else! It’s really that complete and that easy to follow.

  • The main program
BD Main Manual

BD Main Manual

This is a complete, fully detailed step by step program for you what to eat, when to eat, gives a whole lot of facts about what sort of foods you should be eating and why. Detailed food list, chart list, FAQ and exactly how to optimize your body to lose weight with delicious meals. Remember, optimize! You can start immediately.

  • The recipe guide
Complete Meal Plans

Complete Meal Plans

Isabel’s personal tasty and delicious recipes delivered in front of your screen, that you can prepare them at your home. And the best part is that they are simple and easy to make. Beyond diet recipes guide includes: healthy diet recipes adapted from cookbooks specialists, member suggestions and online sources that abounds with health and nutrition. So, because the beyond diet is not a diet in the traditional sense but a new way of eating that you will adopt for healthier life, it is essential that you keep your meals tasty, interesting and creative. Eating the same foods again and again leads to boredom and an abandonment – Don’t you think? With all of the recipes presented in the beyond diet book and members area, you can be sure that you are eating healthy and you are on good track to lose weight and maintain health. 

  • The top 10 nutrition mistakes keeping you fat
14 Days Of Supercharged Meals

14 Days Of Supercharged Meals

To make sure you’re not making the same mistakes that some peoples do over and over again. Remember, the best in this diet is that YOU WILL NOT FEEL HUNGRY and lose fat in the same time, EAT – AND – LOSE – WEIGHT. Period.

Note: While my research over the web i found that some people joined beyond diet not to lose weight but to use beyond diet as a single source to maintain health and prevent disease for long term lifestyle. That’s not all … while digging around i found that there are included some special services for BD members which include:

What if i’m not satisfied with the beyond diet program or if wont work/fit for me? - After my deep research and investigating the official beyond diet website i saw that Isabel well covered that too. If you want to “quit” from beyond diet, Isabel will gladly return your investment. You are covered with 60 days IRON GLAD money back guarantee!

Guarantee Blue Money Back

Is Beyond Diet A Scam? Maybe … Well my research shows me that actually there where some complaints about this. I came across few complaints about beyond diet, that after their purchase they didn’t get anything like membership, book and else for the diet. The “problem” here was that after their purchase they lost internet connection and they weren’t redirected to beyond diet members area. The good point here is if this problem happens to you then you can simply log in to your email address and find the email containing the information for logging into beyond diet members area.

It’s One Of The Most Healthy, Comprehensive, Gluten – Free Diet Program + No Counting Calories At All!

Long Story Short – Be Your Own Judge!

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓







♥ ♥ ♥



So i hope my review on beyond diet program was useful. At this point you’ve heard everything i have to say. I can’t tell you how to live your life. I also won’t tell you what products to buy. These are decisions that you should and must make on your own. Only you know, whether or not you need it. What I will only tell you is that i think you should always take steps to improve your life – No matter what they are. If you’re ready to take the next step and if you think Isabel’s diet program can get you there – then, by all means try it, you have nothing to lose (except that extra weight that tormented you and your lifestyle with years …). Don’t let indecisiveness and inertia deny you the lifestyle you deserve.

This is all I will leave you with: I’ll recommend .., If it is the right decision, make it. Give yourself the wonderful opportunity to get out your right, change your life, and get on a path towards freedom of unpleasant, weight related feelings. Don’t let indecisiveness and inertia prevent you, from truly improving your life! Don’t wait for things to change, change them YOURSELF ;) They won’t change on their own.

Wish you lot of success to achieve your GOAL and enjoy your NEW, healthy and confidence boosted life with your friends and family. Don’t forget to have fun! A lots of it while doing it … :)

What is beyond diet?


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30 thoughts on “

  1. Sheryl

    I looked at this diet last year just before the new year rolled in (2015) and was impressed. I stumbled upon the site again yesterday and my interest is peaked all over again. I found this site very insightful. I have thyroid issues (underactive) and my weight has been consistent in the 180 range for the past couple years which makes me nervous about hitting 200.

    I am 5″4 and my current weight is just too much for my frame. I seem to bloat with almost everything I eat. I recently looked at the blood type diet and all this info just seems to clash at some point.

    So, does the metabolism type tie in with the blood type at all? I am so tired of the yoyo diet phase when all I really want to do is get healthy, avoid diabetes, and rid my body of about 45lbs.

    Glad for the tips of upselling.

    Been there and got sucked in too (another lose weight plan) congrats to all that have found success on this plan!!!

    Does the detox plan come with the $47 plan?

    1. Cadrian Post author

      Hey @Sheryl, pleased to have you back here

      What caused the delay of trying Beyond Diet?

      Ones for sure, with all the over hyped internet information about weight loss these days, all i can say it’s not your fault!

      As per my research here is great information about your underactive thyroid issue:

      The problem with your underactive thyroid seems to be the lack of intake of the mineral iodine (altho you didn’t mentioned if you’ve tried iodine intake or not), which ties up with your second question about metabolic typing:

      “The healthy functioning of the thyroid is essential to maintaining metabolism and preventing the accumulation of body fat,”

      Here is where metabolic type dieting fits in. Inside Beyond Diet your first obligation is to determine your metabolic type and then start creating meals based on that.

      How iodine accelerates weight loss by supporting the thyroid gland – Learn more here.

      Also i was able to find article written from Isabel about Natural Sources of Iodine – Learn more here.

      Yup, everything you know about Isabel’s diet program comes with those one time $47.

      PS: If one had the time to do his own research the same person will find the way IN for healthy diet, but our lives are too busy and here is where Isabel’s diet programs fits in! It’s not a secret, she does this for living, so she have all the time to make that research, dig up the best and up to date information and provide the same to her online community for a one-time fee which compared to other diet programs as shown in the picture above, it’s shame for one to blame her for doing so.

      Me as a member, today i am able to prepare healthy meals on a budget + guess what?, i am capable of making my own research too – Yup you’ll learn that too …

      PPS: I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.
      ~Joyce Meyer

    1. Cadrian Post author

      Hey Cindy, inside BD there is one person, Julla asking about Australian food availability but no one answers her exact question except Coach Taryn stating that there are a lot of Australian people inside already, so i suppose they don’t find it difficult to find all the foods recommended by Isabel.

      Here is a screen shot from Australian people you can look upon after you get in:

  2. Jing alison

    Hi, how was the result for your friend? I’m also asian and im a little skeptical since western foods is so much diff from ours. Rice for one is very common here and western foods doesnt really require rice so im just a bit worried. Can you tell me more about the effects of this diet on your friend. Thanks!

    1. Cadrian Post author

      Basically she informed me that just using the Quick Start Guide she was able to lose 7.3 lbs in the first week and a half which is not much but is something.

      I remember her saying:

      Ohhh my gosh, i cant’t believe how hard is to change my eating habits overnight, but Isabel “Detox your mind” tips for what one already know about dieting helped me lot. You know i was confused reading all those information about dieting. I was lurking here and there ending up taking no action. I think focusing on one source is the key. The community helped a lot, they made me stick. But hey i think i ended up on a great source of information where ton of people talking, sharing, are helping each other.

      As per the program it self, she first started to cut off the soda and to-go foods she was consuming. As she started to detox her body of all that junk food, she started adding up more fruits and veggies in her diet. She mentioned she was craving bananas now instead of some chocolate bars as a snack, which is smart replacement tho. Than the pre-made healthy recipes followed. Later she was able to learn and prepare her own recipes based on all that information provided about foods and it’s nutrients. She said that the fact she did a major changes in her daily nutrition were the big part of her success.

      I remember she said: “Finally I am losing enough weight to fit in my desired outfit, I wish i could get back the days when we were invited to Mickey wedding.

      She basically didn’t dive head first and made her overwhelmed with all the new habits that she was supposed to do. Now that she hit her desired weight goal she is super active. She even exercises 3 days a week. She said – “I become so addictive that can’t even stop!” – I laughed.

      Today she is proud that have a source from where she can maintain healthy weight and health. Now she is more confident than ever and can be just herself.

      And regarding your scepticism about not being able to find all the foods, I recommend to go ahead and sign up and see for your self, as there is always way to replace something with what you don’t have or can’t find.

      If don’t satisfied you can request back your money and it will be returned no question asked.

      Thanks a lot and hope this helped


  3. Marianna

    My problem is so different than everyone wanting to lose weight. Years ago I was so frustrated with being over weight after having 2 children. I put myself on a meal plan and exercise that allowed me to eat well, healthy, and not feel hungry. I walked 5 days per week and noticed I was losing weight. After one year the weight came off (65lbs) and have kept it off. I have been a size 4 for 20+ years now but struggling with what I look like underneath my clothes. I have cellulite on the side and back on my legs and now I am getting it on the front of my legs. I am embarrassed to wear shorter skirts than knee length and wondering if there is anyway changing my diet can help with this. Any suggestions?

    1. Cadrian Post author

      Sure thing @Vickie, there is a hard copy of the book available, yet i always suggest to people to not buy it, instead print pages as you go along with the program.

      The same applies for everything else that is written inside. You can print pages on your own and save money simultaneously.

      Thanks for asking


      1. Marianne

        So I just ordered BEFORE I read the reviews (and ended spending $115 more than I wish I had). Is the book refundable or just the online membership? Another thing I did not realize, is that in every recipe I have looked at so far, every single ingredient says “organic”. I cannot afford to replace everything I have and purchase going forward, with organic. Is that necessary to loose weight? She never mentions that small fact in the video, which is VERY costly.

        1. Cadrian Post author

          Yup, it’s refundable, but you must return the book first and receive full refund later (after they receive the book of course). The shipping cost are on you i think.

          Not reading reviews is big mistake you’ve done as I always suggest one should print pages as needed and save money in same time. The hard copy of the book is nothing more than what you already get as PDF, yet some people prefer to have hard copy of it.

          See the pic and pay attention on the text with green mark:

          Hard Copy Book

          Regarding the “organic” confusion, and if i am not missing something here, means everything that is not processed, canned e.t.c. You buy fresh “organic” foods, or foods produced without using conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetic engineering e.t.c.
          =>> See more at: Natural? Organic? What does it all Mean?

          Hope it makes sense to you. Please follow the link and get more familiar with what’s organic and so on.


  4. Ondulino

    I was sceptical with this program to be honest but I tried it and in two weeks I lost 2.5kg (5.8lb) which is not massive amount of weight but I had only 6kg (stone) to lose overall…. i think it’s brilliant concept … I did not enjoy the first two weeks (the supercharged meals) as I felt it was too ‘meat’ based but I have to say except for my weight loss, my skin is really great and craving for sweets is gone… I think it’s worth 47 USD because no special foods or lets say something that can’t be found are needed, as one can do whatever he has in fridge ….

    1. Cadrian Post author

      Sure Ondulino, to be sceptical is a good thing as it makes you think, think about what Isabel is saying and eventually dig deeper and see if it makes sense.

      I am happy you’ve got results in short period of time and that’s because it’s promised and you understood the “Stick To It” part.

      Regarding it’s concept, it’s simply: Eat To Lose Weight is what’s all about Beyond Diet, and if you take time to dig deeper you’ll actually understand how eating occurs weight loss.

      Regarding the meat part, the most are healthy meats, as from (Chicken , Turkey, Tuna, Salmon, Tilapia, Shrimps), not so healthy meats are the little Bacon and Buffalo and the quantity you’ll consume is very low too.

      The look and feel you mentioned are inevitably if one stick to the plan, and give it time to work as weight loss can’t occur overnight.

      The above is written for newly visitors to get more familiar with this part of BD, and as last for you @Ondulino, now you have a place where you can always come back/refer to for more healthy tips and recipes.

      The BD program worth 5 times than it’s current prize, but that is something that people like you understand as you actually saw results using it!

      Thanks for your sincere comment, as it will help people to get over the fence they still are.


  5. Austine

    @ cadrian,
    I fully understand your review, and appreciate your apparent candor.

    I have a concern though… Is this a one size fits all solution, or will I get the customized solution I may need?
    I ask because I saw a screen shot of some of the meals, and when you live in Nigeria like I do, those meals
    are stuff of master cheff Australia or something….
    How will this solution be tailored for the kinds of meals typically obtainable in this part of the world?

    1. Cadrian Post author

      Hey @Austine, i am glad you asked.

      It’s a one size fits for all solution as you actually create your own plans by determining your metabolic type.

      But, If it happens not finding the specific food you can always ask inside the community for options or look the ingredients on your own.

      You have 60 days iron clad money back guarantee, so nothing to lose.

      Check to see if you can manage and find all foods and please take your time and come back to comment. Community will appreciate your effort.


    1. Cadrian Post author

      Hey Sharon, first i apologize for late reply, i was moving to another living place.

      Regarding your question, yup you have option to buy the hard copy of the book,
      yet as i mentioned before you can print the PDF version on your own and save money in the process.

  6. Allison

    Thank you for your review and I am gong to give this a try and see how well it will work for me. One thing that I think people should be aware of is when you place your order, they then try and get you to add on items which makes is more expensive which I did not appreciate. I like to know upfront what it all costs! However, it did not deter me from ordering I just didn’t add anything else on. Excited though to start and see if I can finally lose weight and keep it off.

    1. Cadrian Post author

      @Allison, exactly as i’ve replied to another comment on this website, which can be found here: ( No one is forced to buy what Isabel offer as a separate/up sell products. The program still costs $47 one time payment wrapped up with 60 days money back guarantee.

      As for the part where you mention “It didn’t deter you to join”, welcome and i assure you, you’ll love what you’ll see inside.

      As i’ve mentioned couple of times, this diet program/community is more like changing your lifestyle towards eating which produces long term, safe and long lasting weight reduction.

      Beyond diet is all about how to eat to lose weight and become healthy person.

      Glad you found the review useful.


  7. siva

    Please advice is it useful for any Asian people to get on this BD program? I am particular worried regarding the menu and recipe that is mainly be European obtainable shopping list?

    1. Cadrian Post author

      Hey @Siva, glad you placing questions. I am not sure if you will be able to find all foods in the BD menu but you can always replace the ones that you can’t find. This is more like metabolism type diet, you are determining your metabolism type and start eating foods based on that info.

      I am sure Asian people are different from those in US, so after determining your metabolic type you’ll be able to find all the foods you need there, so yes you can join and look for alternatives if something is not available in Asia.

      Also you have the 60 days IRON GLAD money back guarantee so nothing to lose here.


  8. Joleen

    Hurrah! At last I got a blog from where I be able to in fact
    get useful facts concerning my study and knowledge about Isabel’s BD.

  9. Onlyhope77

    Thanks for the great detail and good work you showed here. I can’t believe you’re a Mom of 3 kids!! I am too and I was looking into buying this book! You’ve helped make my decision easier!!
    Thanks so much!

  10. Rico

    This is the perfect web site for anybody who would like to understand this topic.
    You know a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I
    personally would want to…HaHa). You certainly put a new spin on a topic which has been written about for ages.
    Great stuff, just excellent!


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