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Isabel In The KitchenThis is a case study by Isabel De Los Rios, certified nutritionist, author and co-founder of Beyond Diet online program.

Today you are going to read her exclusive, never-before revealed, talk about which 5 Foods To Never Eat and why.


reading this, you’ll discover how they havoc your effort to lose weight, achieve healthy, and good looking, lean body.

Warning: This is a very long article, to be exact 6920 words long article.

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  • The problem with these five foods and why you should avoid eating them and …
  • Her 3 step approach to weight loss that skeptical Kathy thought she knew about. (Kathy’s story starts after the 06:20 min)


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which 5 Foods You Should Never Eat and Why!? …


5 Foods To Never Eat

The exact five foods you should never eat in order to lose weight and why the same foods are causing you to gain weight instead!


  • Artificial Sweeteners …
  • Soy Milk …
  • Margarine …
  • Orange Juice …
  • Whole Wheat Bread.


Now, if you scratching your head thinking, what is this woman talking about? These are good choices for weight loss!
Stick with me, because I am about to change the way you think about food and five foods to never eat!!


What is this woman talking about

You feel confused because of all the information available on the internet today!


What do these 5 foods have in common? – You may ask …


What do these 5 foods have in common

5 Foods that promote the same thing – Bad ingredients!


… They are all parading as healthy choices, claiming to get you slim when really, these are the exact 5 foods you need to stay AWAY from to have the body you always wanted.


Look …
Artificial sweeteners are ARTIFICIAL!


It’s literally in the name of the product and yet people continue flooding their coffee with Splenda, Equal, Sweet n’Low and other imposter sweeteners that are made in a factory …


and What do these chemicals do in your body?




Since we’re humans and not robots, WE CAN’T DIGEST these types of chemicals.
We can only digest REAL food.

So with nowhere to go and nothing to do, these lab created concoctions get stored as fat all over your body.


Bad ingredients stored all over your body

This is what happens when your body ingest bad ingredients!


  • See that tire around your body? Those are the same chemicals.
  • How about those bat wings hanging from your arms? Same thing!
  • Having trouble getting into your pants lately? I bet you do!


It’s the same chemicals AGAIN and AGAIN!


Hey there, Isabel here, and I am going to talk about most common 5 foods to never eat; soy milk, margarine, orange juice and whole wheat bread in just a second …

But what I can’t wait to show you is …

How you can get rid of the weight hanging onto your stomach, rear end, and thighs.

I’ve been:

  1. Certified Nutritionist
  2. Exercise Specialist

for the last 15 years and my groundbreaking 3 Step Approach doesn’t use any of those so called “Diet Friendly” foods that are actually keeping you overweight!


Isabel De Los Rios as seen on

Featured certified nutritionist and exercise specialist.


Ok …

Artificial sweeteners was an easy one. They gave it away in the product name.

But, what about Soy Milk?

That seems to be all the rage in the dairy department these days.

Well …


 Like most trends, this is a good idea gone bad! 


Remember when they told us cigarettes are healthy? Ick, that definitely wasn’t true! And the marketing ploys behind Soy Milk aren’t much different.

Small amounts of natural, fermented soy have been shown to provide a protective health benefit.

But …

The unfermented, highly processed, low quality soy all over our grocery stores … is just ANOTHER type of artificial, chemical concoction waiting to make your life miserable!

Trust me, if they didn’t add those chemicals flavors, preservatives, colors, and sugar, no one (and I do mean NO ONE) would touch this stuff!

Speaking of “food” that doesn’t look or taste like food, let’s talk about margarine.

Much like how artificial sweeteners are artificial, fake butter is FAKE!, and FULL of the same chemicals that make it impossible for you to lose your unwanted weight.

The best part about this one is that you CAN and you SHOULD be eating real butter!

Not only is it absolutely delicious … But it’s exactly the type of natural fat you need to increase your metabolism for round-the-clock far burning.

But artificial isn’t the only thing you need to be aware of. Over doing sugar can be just as damaging on your weight and your health.

Hey …

We all like sweets.

But think about this …

Orange juice and regular soda have almost the same amount of sugar. Take it from me,.. sending your blood sugar sky highsends your body into fat storing mode!

But more on that later …


Orange juice vs soda

Orange juice vs soda = Same trouble in different pack!


And do you know what else is hiding in orange juice? C’mon, you must be noticing it within these foods you should never eat – It’s chemicals … AGAIN!


There’s no way that fruit juice will last in plastic bottles, unrefrigerated, without going bad!


Think about it …
How long does fruit last at your house?

But once you add chemical preservatives and colors, that stuff will last a lifetime.

Now this last one, the whole wheat bread can be most shocking! But if you stop eating it, it can also have the biggest rewards.

  1. First off, yup you guessed it. It’s filled with the same fatty chemicals that keep it looking good, tasting great, and lasting a lifetime.
  2. Second, the wheat you’re eating maybe genetically modified imitation wheat. So just like artificial sweeteners and fake butters, it’s another lab created “FOOD”. The wheat seed is already modified so even if the label says 100% all natural, they only counting what happens AFTER it’s planted. So they never have to tell you that it comes from a science lab!
  3. Third, wheat is turned into sugar. And just like orange juice, once it spikes your blood sugar, your body holds onto fat and will not let it go!
  4. Fourth, yes, there is a fourth reason that you shouldn’t eat whole wheat bread … Wheat is inflammatory and causes the same swelling you get with a sprained ankle but inside of your body and around your vital organs. This inflammation causes your organs to not function properly.

And do you know what happens when your organs don’t work like they should?


You guessed it …


Weight Gain!


Now that you’ve got a good understanding of which 5 foods to avoid … It’s time I give you some tips on which delicious fat burning foodies you need to drop the weight quickly and easily!

  • Without starvation …
  • Deprivation …
  • Fake magical powders …
  • Or any of the other nonce that doesn’t actually do anything!


The 3 Step Approach that I’ve created has already helped people all over the world, through my best selling book “Beyond Diet & 5 Foods To Never Eat” and contributions I’ve made in the world of nutrition and weight loss.


Contributions Isabel made

Contribution featured.


And I promise!.. these are NOT your regular old weight loss tips!


So if you wanna lose 10lbs, PAY ATTENTION, and if you want to lose 20lbs or more, PAY EVEN CLOSER ATTANTION!


If you’ve tried and failed at losing weight before than you know how frustrating and discouraging it can be. I totally get it. I’ve been there.


But I want you to know that here IS a simple answer that can work for ANYONE!


Today I’m gonna reveal to you my unique strategy, the very same 3 Step Approach that I used to lose over 30lbs my self and keep it off over 15 years, even after 2 pregnancies.


15 years being free of fat

2 pregnancies and still fit!


I truly believe It’s my responsibility to share my simple weight loss principles so that you can start seeing results immediately.

Results, just like all of these people who’ve already followed my 3 Step Approach


Real peoples results

Real user results, people who followed my 3 Step Approach


I want to show you exactly how this strategy works, RIGHT NOW! Because It’s my passion to help people lose weight and live the life they deserve.


So, I’ve gotta tell you this story about one of my most skeptical clients Kathy …

… and her story is like so many others I’ve heard. You’ll see what I mean in just a second. I’ll never forget the day Kathy walked into my office …



The day Kathy walked into the office

That day when Kathy walked into the office.


She thought she had all the answers to weight loss and the rumors of which 5 foods to never eat.


Kathy talking with Isabel about weight loss

We had a nice conversation about weight loss.


Unfortunately, Kathy had been on more diets she could count. She would even repeat the SAME diets over and over again. She thought she had all the RIGHT information, but couldn’t figure out why the results never seemed to last more than a couple of weeks.


Kathy counting

Seems confused?


She said,..

“I know I am buying all healthy foods because the label say so.”

“I know cardio is super important.”

“And I know I need to count calories, because I can lose weight when I almost eat nothing.”

But no matter what I do, the weight always comes back – she said.


Kathy weight keeps comng back

I know her struggle!


“I am getting older and I guess my metabolism is slowing down”

“Is that the PROBLEM?”

“What am I doing wrong?”


… Like a lot of clients that I’ve helped, Kathy had been brainwashed by all the In-Your-Face, just change one thing solutions and they never work. Otherwise Kathy would never v’been in my office freaking out! But I totally understand how tempting these quick fixes can be …


When I was 30 pounds overweight,
struggling to get comfortable in my own body,
and hating the way clothes fit,

I felt like CRAP!


Back then, every promise of a easy solution sounded like a way out of feeling so darn awful. And this is exactly where Kathy was.

You see,

The extra weight had her totally depressed, and she was embarrassed in front of her friends, family,.. and even her husband.

She hated the way she looked in all her clothes, and she dreaded going out because she thought everyone is staring at her, and judging her as the fat, lazy person.

During that first meeting we spent the entire time going through her diet history and the list was long …


Kathy diet history

Is your diet list history long too?


She had initially lost some weight on the popular no carb diet. You know the one “Just don’t eat carbs and you’ll lose weight,” sounds pretty easy right?


Nnnnot so much …


It was no fruit, no veggies, no bread, no pasta, no pizza, noooo chocolate.


No nothing diet

No nothing diet.


She was so miserable cutting out all of her favorite foods that THAT did not last long!

Next, she described her days as a gym wreck. Kathy turned to exercise after a friend told her …

“All you have to do is exercise.”

Great! – she thought.

“I can take an hour each day to hit the gym.”

Kathy spent hundreds of dollars each month on:

  • Gym Memberships …
  • Personal Trainers …
  • Classes


Kathy in the gym

What are you doing?


… You name it, she did it.

  • Jazzercise,
  • Zumba,
  • Body Pump,
  • Pilates,
  • Boot Camp


That Sounds Exhausting!!!


Despite all of her hard work, the numbers on the scale only went up as her muscles grew. But the fat stayed on her body and did not budge.

Her expensive gym membership was a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.

As both a Nutritionist and Exercise Specialist, I was able to tell Kathy that the formula for successful weight loss is really only … 20% exercise and 80% what you eat.

So while Kathy was busting her you-know-what at the gym, she was actually doing only 20% of what she needed, and neglecting that 80%, (the part where the true results really come from).

Of course there are many benefits to regular exercise, but if weight loss is what you’re after, you should really be focused on the food you’re eating.

Kathy’s next weight loss attempt was a 30-day liquid cleanse. Although this was extreme, she had a family wedding coming up and she was anxious to lose the pounds fast.


Weight loss preparation for wedding

Desperate times calls for desperate measures!


She didn’t want to stand out in pictures as the fat family member, again.


Wedding picture

Definitely not how you want to appear ..?


She just wanted to blend in without the judgment and criticism she got all the time.

I could already guess how the cleanse went. Kathy described as being absolutely miserable, not only for her, but for everyone around her. She was a nightmare, moody and unpleasant, severely fatigued and desperate to bite anything solid to eat.

 It didn’t even last a week before she just had to give it up. 

Unfortunately, Kathy’s struggle with her weight did not end there.

With her self-esteem at an all-time low, Kathy turned to one of the most popular diet programs on TV. You know, the one advertised with a ton of celebrity endorsements,


TV commercials

Are you most desired TV commercials customer?


She counted calories at every meal, bought 100 calorie snack packs to make thing easier, and paid for weekly support groups.

She did actually lost 15 pounds and was pretty happy with her progress, but the problem was the program was extremely time consuming, painfully expensive, and she was often ashamed of in restaurants when she was barely eating anything, white everyone else was enjoying their meals.

She was spending tons of time telling points, and her cravings were out of control, but “What the heck” – she thought. She did lose some weight.

Just like most other people on that plan, Kathy’s initial results did not stick.


Results did not stick



Over time, a cheat meal turned into a cheat day, which turned into a cheat week, and before she knew it, Kathy was loosening her belt again, unbuttoning a button, and pulling her shirt down so she can breathe comfortably.


Weight comes back

Are you doing the same things?


Kathy’s story is very, very common and I used to see it in my practice all the time. Did you know that 95% of dieters not only gain the weight back, but actually end up gaining even more than what they started with? That means only 5% of dieters are actually successful using the most common, most popular, most ridiculous programs out there.

To me, those are some pretty low and discouraging odds.

Because of all her failures, Kathy was skeptical of anything she hadn’t heard of before. I’ve realized that in order for her to get on board with my 3 Step Approach to the foods you should never eat, the same one that had already helped so many people lose weight once and for all, I had to prove to her that these one-trick gimmicks were actually hurting her.

The perfect time came when I told Kathy that calories do not matter and I didn’t want her to obsess about them anymore.

I saw Kathy’s face drop, she was shocked. Kathy could not fathom my recommendation to leave her calculator at home and let go of the calorie obsession.

She said …

“But Isabel, counting calories works every time!”

It was obvious at that moment just how brainwashed Kathy had become by the diet industry.

If counting calories works “every time,” like Kathy said, that means you gain the weight back every time and are forced to diet again! That is the exact definition of a yo-yo diet. You lose the weight, than gain it back along with the feelings of failure and insecurity.


Yo yo dieting

Avoid being fooled by diet industry.


Then you have to muster up all the courage to do it all over again.

I knew that Kathy needed to see the results I was talking about to become a believer, nothing short of proof in the mirror was going to convince her. So I started by asking her to write out what she ate in an average day and here’s what she gave me:

Her typical day included foods like soy milk, splenda, 100 calorie snack packs, microwavable diet meals, and lite salad dressings. All foods most dieters include in their meal plans, some in the 5 foods to never eat group too!

Her day totaled around 1500 calories and she was pretty pleased with her ability to stay under the 2000 recommended calorie intake posted on nutrition labels.

I asked if she would be willing to try, for just 1 week, a meal plan that I had developed for her …

An average day on my meal plan looked like this:

My new meal plan for Kathy included things like … oatmeal, coconut milk, honey, almonds, a juicy cheese burger, chocolate chip cookies, and a hearty bowl of tasty chili.


Daily meal plan for Kathy

Daily meal plan for Kathy I developed.


Each day on my plan totaled about 2,000 calories, which made Kathy very nervous. She took one look at the meal plan and said …

“Isabel, this is too much food, I’m going to gain even more weight!”

Her reaction was expected based on what she believed about calories, but that doesn’t mean it was right.

I am not talking about letting your portion sizes get out of control, but counting calories does not give you the results that last.


She agreed to follow the meal plan and went home for a week of these delicious meals, nooo calorie counting included.


The next week Kathy came into my office gloving …


Kathy gloving

Kathy finally gloving, satisfied.


Not only had she lost 5 pounds, she felt way less bloated than ever before, following the plan I gave her. To top of off she didn’t have to do calorie math all day long and she felt great.

How could this be?

Eat more food, lose more weight? That just seemed some wrack to Kathy.

I was thrilled for her, but not at all surprised by her results. The reason that Kathy lost weight while eating more calories is that Calories In DO NOT EQUAL Calories Out!

That kind of old school NONSENSE is driving the counting calorie craze and it has caused so many excited dieters to totally fail.

Let me give you the same example I gave Kathy …

I handed her a one hundred calorie snack pack of banana mini muffins and a real banana and asked her which one will help her lose more weight.

She gave me the obvious answer that the banana was a better choice than the snack pack. But when I told her that the banana had more calories than the snack pack, she wanted to change her mind … but her gut told her that the banana was still the right choice and she was absolutely right.


But why?


What it really comes down to, is what your body does with the food you eat!

The banana is a whole natural food without any additives like sugar or preservatives. With a food so simple like this, your body is able to instantly identify it, digest it easily, and distribute the nutrients and improve body function and actually increase your metabolism in the process.


Improve body function

This is why is important for you to eat REAL FOODS!


The one hundred calorie snack pack on the other hand, is filled with added sugar, preservatives to make it last decade or longer, and a long list of lab created chemicals to make it look colorful and taste the way that natural ingredients suppose to taste.


Bad food ingredients gif

Fooled by diet industry


Once you swallow this chemical concoction your body instantly starts playing 20 question.

  • What is this?
  • How do I digest it?
  • How will it help body function?
  • What nutrients can be used?

Unfortunately, your body has to give up after a while because it always loses the game.


These products are not real food!


They have virtually no nutritional value and your body has no use for them.

“Well what happens to it then?” – Kathy asked

“It makes you fat!” – I explained

Because your internal organs and digestive system have no idea what to do with these mystery “foods,” it ends up being stored as fat. It literally just hangs out, like a house guest who as worn out his welcome … Particularly in all the places you don’t want it, like your stomach, hips and thighs.

The real reason so many people are overweight and struggling is because they’re eating these chemical-laden foods that are being recommended on the latest and no-so-greatest fad diets.

So called healthy 100 calorie snack packs, microwavable meals, packaged shakes and smoothies, frozen snacks, and granola bars are all recommended with labels that read, light, healthy, low calorie, reduced fat, 100% natural and on and on are the exact type of foods you should never eat!

I don’t blame Kathy being misled.

We’ve all been tricked by these marketing claims, only to keep gaining more and more weight in the process.

“The label says they’re healthy so they have to be.”

“You would think there are regulations in place to prevent false advertising RIGHT?”

… Uhhh, not so much.

What I’ve learned as a nutritionist is that these big companies will do just about ANYTHING to sell their product.

They exaggerate, create buzz words, trends or simply mislabel things to manipulate us into thinking that their foods are healthy.

Sooo, I asked Kathy if she ate a lot of processed foods … She said

“No Isabel, I know that fast and fried foods are definitely not going to help me lose weight. I stay away from them as much as possible.”

The so called healthy foods that filled Kathy’s meal plans, contained more toxic chemicals than a science lab!

And the bad news, actually, the really horrible news is that these are the chemicals making your fat cells larger, which really means making you fatter.


Chemicals that makes you fatty

The power of lab created flavors.


Here is why …

When these chemicals enter your body, your system protects it self by storing this foreign junk in your fat cells, away from your vital organs.

This is an extremely necessary survival mechanism naturally occurring inside your body.

So what happens if you eat, drink and ingest these chemicals every day?

Your fat cells is just getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger!

Here Kathy, read this … as I handed her a bottle of salad dressing labeled like a dieter dream – Low calorie, all natural reduced fat.

Monnnosodiiiiium gluttttammmate, dissssodium phossssphate, phossssphoric acid, calcium dissssssodium … we both laughed.

I asked if she had any idea what those ingredients were. Of course she didn’t, only a chemist would! Now I’m not saying that every 12’ve letter word is toxic, but here’s my rule …





I encourage you to do the same thing in your kitchen.

I bet you have at least one of these 5 foods to never eat peace, grab your favorite package snack pack or granola bar, even soy milk and cracker will shock you. Just read the ingredient label out loud and see if you feel the same way Kathy did.

Now Kathy came in another week later and she had:

  1. Lost ANOTHER 6 pounds.
  2. Cinched her belt a notch tighter.
  3. Noticed all of her clothes fitting looser.

Some coworkers have noticed the difference and not only how she was looking but what she was eating. She was repeatedly asked: What are you doing? You look great!

She was excited to finally have a no-nonsense approach to overcoming her weight issues – a real plan that wasn’t embarrassing, restrictive or – quite frankly – silly.


This was the real deal.


By this point Kathy knew that calories in does not equal calories out, and she was relieved to be able to stop counting them.

She stopped eating processed foods, even the one she thought were healthy and the fat just melted off of her body!


  • Her skin tone evened out,
  • Her clothes got looser,
  • And the compliments were rolling in.


She loved getting asked – “Have you lost weight?”

Kathy had certainly come a long way, but I wanted to show her one more thing so that she could really understand why she was finally getting results.


The foundation from my breakthrough strategy which had helped thousands of people already is grounded in one pesky little fat storing hormone.

There are a number of other hormones that play role in your weight, like Leptin, Ghrelin, and Adiponectin, but I told Kathy that there’s only one that you need to understand to know why eating this way is the only way to lose weight and it’s called Insulin.

This was the piece of missing information Kathy needed to understand why eating foods in the correct balance was the answer


Why the foods I had recommended were the missing keys she needed to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of her life.

“It’s all about blood sugar!”

I explained how keeping her blood sugar stable is absolutely critical to losing weight and maintaining that weight loss for years to come.


You see, whenever you eat something from these five foods to never eat and is high in sugar or processed ingredients, (like many of the foods on Kathy’s original meal plan), your blood sugar numbers quickly rise to abnormal highs. Your body instantly responds by releasing the hormone Insulin, which lowers your blood sugar numbers back in to the safe range. Anywhere between 60 and 100. The trouble is that sometimes your body overcompensates for the blood sugar spike and releases too much Insulin, forcing your numbers dangerously low.

So why could this be bad for your weight loss?

The problem with the whole blood sugar/Insulin roller coaster is that Insulin is a fat storing hormone, so whenever it’s released your body stores fat …

Certainly NOT what you want.

When your body releases too much Insulin it not only

  1. Makes you fatter
  2. Causes your blood sugar to drop
  3. Which makes you hungry
  4. Miserable
  5. Eat more sugary and processed foods …

And this nasty cycle just goes on, and on, and on all day long.

Now Kathy understood that by eating the right fat-burning foods, she was keeping her blood sugar in the perfect fat burning range for ultimate fat loss.

Kathy returned to my office the next week with even more results. Not only did she lose 4 more pounds, but she continued to feel amazing. Her husband was noticing her changing body and she loved the attention!

Kathy even revealed to me … that she and her husband finally rekindled their flame and she was even leaving the LIGHTS ON!


Rekindled love between Kathy and her husband

Love in the air!


She finally threw her spanx and girdles away, and for the first time in a long time, she was actually feeling good about her body!

So where is Kathy today?

Kathy started with me at a size 14/16 and shrank in a lean and tream size 2 and lost 60 lbs over eight months. She lost inches from head to toe and went from super skeptic to beyond believer, and now she tells everyone what she learned from me.


Before and after Kathy

Are you ready to become beyond believer too?


All she needed was:

  • The right information along with
  • The meal plans
  • The recipes
  • My support

… and of course Awesome Results!!

I chose to tell you Kathy’s story because I know that you can have the same success that she had!, just by following my 3 Step Approach.

After seeing so many amazing results with my private nutrition clients, I knew that I had to tell as many people as possible about this simple solution.

So I decided making my approach available worldwide, deserves 100% of my time and energy, and I am doing it all through Beyond Diet.

The best part about Kathy’s story is that her success is easily repeatable, because even though she was coming to see me at my office, she was really just following my 3 Step Approach about the 5 foods to never eat that you can follow too.

After helping over 500 000 people with Beyond Diet, I have perfected this program so that you can easily melt away your unwanted fat and get the results you are looking for.


Here are the 3 steps you need to know. You actually know the first step because you saw me do it with Kathy.

Remember those meal plans I gave her during the first 2 weeks? You know, the ones that helped her lose a total of 11 pounds in just 14 days?

Well,.. I call the The 14 Days Of Supercharged Meal Plans, and they are designed to detoxify your body from the bad foods of the past and help you easily adjust to the best foods you need to lose weight fast.


The beyond diet 14 days of supercharged meals plan guide

Meal plans for fast start up!


Each of the meals you get to enjoy every day, are specifically chosen in the right combinations to promote round the clock fat burning.

These combinations are very important because they still allow for cheat days without spiking your blood sugar and will definitely put you in that fat burning zone.

After completing the first 14 days you’ll already feel:

  • Lighter
  • Less bloated
  • Happier and
  • Completely satisfied with the foods you’re eating!

And it just gets better from there.

In step 2, I help you personalize the rest of the program according to your individual metabolism.

I’m going to give you the specific Beyond Diet Metabolism Test that will tell you exactly which foods your body needs to put you, and keep you, in that fat burning zone.


Metabolism type test guide

Better learn your body!


Then you’ll get specialized weekly meal plans, specifically designed to fast-track your weight loss using your metabolism type.

But wait!

It still just keeps getting better…

Step 3 Is the absolute best part!

This is where Kathy really shined and the pounds just kept dropping.

You can still enjoy going out to eat, enjoying going to parties, eating with your family and friends, and eating all the foods you love, while still continuing to lose weight every, single, week.

And, yes, Your entire family is going to LOVE this food!

Remember earlier when I told you 95% of dieters gain the weight back PLUS more?

If that’s ever happened to you, that WILL NOT happen again.

The weight you lose in Step 1 and Step 2 of the Beyond Diet program is weight that will stay off for good!

In Step 3 you get access to thousands of easy to make recipes. Each tailored to your metabolism type so that you can create delicious meal plans that fit your whole family.

You’ll also get a variety of tools so you’d know how to breeze in any situation.


Isabels beyond diet tools

Variety of diet tools to breeze any situation!


And the complete easy to reference manual, so this information will always be at your finger tips.


Isabel De Los Rios beyond diet manual

At your finger tips complete information manual!


I know not everyone can meet a nutritionist every week to get personalized meal plans, recipes, advice and support, so I asked myself,..


“How can I get this message out to as many people as possible?”

“How can I help all the Kathy’s in the world?, and the Vendy’s and the Barbara’s, Richard’s and the John’s out there?, Everyone?”


Working with people one-on-one was just not enough, even teaching group classes was still not enough.

So I stopped seeing my clients in my office and I created a program that could give you the same experience from the comfort of your own home.

I want you to see the same results, or even better than Kathy saw, just by eating the right foods in the right combinations.

The 3 Step Approach of which 5 foods to never eat and beyond I developed, is called Beyond Diet Program.

Because it’s all about living beyond the limitations and restrictions of diets!

This is a plan that will not only show you instant results, they are results that last a lifetime!

All of the same information, tools and meal plans I used to help Kathy are included in the Beyond Diet Program.

  • The complete program manual,
  • The 14 days of supercharged meal plans,
  • The metabolism type test,
  • The metabolism specific meal plans,
  • Shopping guides,
  • A journal to track your success,
  • Thousands of recipes, and even more!


What's included in the program

A ton of goodies included!


All the same things Kathy used to finally lose the weight she hated for so long.


I’ve added in so much more.

I want you to have the body and the lifestyle that you desire so I’ve made Beyond Diet affordable for everyone.

As a Certified Nutritionist, I charged my private clients $115/hour for all the one-on-one counseling and individualized tools and meal plans I would create for them.

But like I said,..

I know not everyone has access to a nutritionist they trust, nor can everyone spend this kind of money on a weekly basis…


I’m not going to charge you anything even close to that amount.

I’ll get to that low, one-time price in just a moment, but first I need to make you aware of something critical to your weight loss.

Because I want you to have the same life-changing results that Kathy had, and because I know how valuable it is to have an expert like me there to coach you along the way, I’m not just gonna give you the goodies already included in Beyond Diet, I’m also going to give you a FREE bonus valued at over $515 (or 42.95 x 12) and it’s called Beyond Diet Community.

And I am giving you;

  • Unlimited Membership, with
  • Unrestricted Access, for
  • Absolutely No Charge

The membership in the community gets you access to ME and my 10 Trained Coaches who know everything about the Beyond Diet program and the foods you should never eat to achieve successful weight loss that lasts.


Isabel's 10 trained coaches

Trained weight loss coaches at your fingertips!


We’re here waiting to give you the;

  • Support,
  • Feedback,
  • Advice, and
  • All the knowledge

… that you need to LOSE WEIGHT QUICKLY, and FOR THE LONG TERM!

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Kathy and I spent 12 one-on-one sessions together for a total of $1150.

I knew that she needed relief after all the diet failures she had tried up until then, so I wanted to do everything I could to make her journey as easy on her wallet as it was on her body, so to help her out, I gave her 2 sessions completely FREE.

I want to give you that same advantage, so I’m not going to charge you even a fraction of what Kathy paid.

Remember, I want this to be affordable and easy for EVERYONE.

You may be wondering how someone could even pay that much for a weight loss program. Kathy actually took the money of her savings account to have this life-changing experience with me.

She knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that it was an investment in creating the future she wanted.

As Kathy said; “You can’t take it with you when you die, and with all this extra weight I don’t even feel like I’m living”

So to make it easy, I’ve decided to just take $1000 right off the top of what Kathy paid.

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Remember when I said that you’re going to enjoy the foods on the program and that, that desserts are included?

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Beyond Diet Desserts Done Right

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So was Kathy, she had wasted so much time, money and effort on the diets of the past, she did not want to be deceived again.

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So now you know why everything you’ve been doing up until this point hasn’t worked. Now you know why and how these 5 foods to never eat are harmful for your body and the weight loss you try to achieve.

If you keep following the same nonsense diets over and over, you’re just going to continue to feel the same frustration, the same despair and the same regret as you keep struggling to lose weight.

I want you to imagine the moment you look in the mirror and you’ve lost all the weight.

The person looking back is slimmer, more tonned, and it have huge smile on it’s face. You’re finally able to wear the clothes you want, you can go in public without the fear being judged, and you’ll feel sexier than you ever had before!

You’ll finally become the person you’ve been striving for this whole time,

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The tools in Beyond Diet will empower you to regain control of your life and your body, so that you can have everything you desire.

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I’m so sure that Beyond Diet will work for anyone that want to change their life, I’m giving you this program 100% risk free.

You’ve got nothing to lose except the weight and I cannot wait to see you do it!

I’d like to end this presentation by first thanking Kathy for teaching me so much about what dieters really need to break the cycle and for allowing me to share her story.

I’d also like to thank YOU for taking the time to read/listen to Kathy’s story and this presentation.

It is my passion to help people lose weight and start living the life they deserve.

So, regardless of whether you decide to join Beyond Diet or not, I hope that you have taken something from my journey with Kathy and can apply it to making your dreams come true.

To the 3 Step Approach and the most common 5 foods to never eat – To healthy lifestyle.


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